Abstracts for the EACPT Virtual Meeting can be downloaded HERE

See also Abstracts on Springer – European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology website HERE

Please note that abstracts will only be available until 16 July.



Poster Session 1a – PK-PD-DDI: pages 2-5

Poster Session 1b – Research/professional development: pages 5-9

S1-Pharmacovigilance: pages 9-10

S2- COVID Vaccines- certainties & uncertainties: pages 10-11

Poster Session 2a – PK-PD-DDI-PhG: pages 11-14

Poster Session 2b – Antimicrobials: pages 14-18

Poster Session 3a – Chronic conditions/COVID-19: pages 18-22

Poster Session 3b – Safety-FV/Toxicology: pages 22-26

S3- COVID drug repurposing: pages 26-27

Poster Session 4a – Medication errors/drug utilization/prescription/

education: pages 27-30

Poster Session 4b – Toxicology/health technology/drug access: pages 30-33

(S4 – no abstracts)

S5- Precision medicine: pages 33-34

Late Breaking abstracts (no presentations in the programme): pages 34-38


Presentation Guidelines

You will not need to send the presentation beforehand. You will control the presentation live from your computer yourself in full screen mode. You will receive a link to Zoom for presenters Thursday 24 June.
We suggest you use a quality headset and a high speed, preferably cabled, internet connection.
Please make sure your camera is in eye level and that you have a neutral background. Please log in 10 minutes before.

Virtual Poster Presentation
Please note that you will be given 5 minutes (3 minutes for your presentation and 2 minutes for questions and discussion). Please keep the time and include max 5 slides.
Format: PowerPoint slides in size 16:9.
Suggested content: Include headlines from your abstract – see sample template HERE

Oral Presentation
Please note that you will be given 13 minutes, 10 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for questions and discussion. Please keep the time.
Format: PowerPoint slides in size 16:9.


New EACPT Virtual Meeting 2021 – Focus on Progress in Clinical Pharmacology

Abstract presenters (of abstracts submitted before the deadline 18 February) will be given the choice to either present abstracts virtually this year for the new EACPT Virtual Focus Meeting. 28-29 June 2021 OR save them for the postponed EACPT Congress in Athens, 26-28 June 2022 (see more details on the front page). Late Breaking abstracts will not be part of the programme, but only published in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Please note that only abstracts that have NOT been previously published will be accepted. This means that abstracts can only be presented during the EACPT Congress next year in Athens if not published elsewhere in the meantime.

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